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How to Protect Your WordPress Content

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Recently we’ve seen a rash of database crashing. Imagine posting to your blog, adding a photo, editing a sentence—you click update and the whole thing disappears. You go to the homepage and click refresh and there is nothing—no posts, no pages, the content of your entire site is gone in a flash. Now if that’s not enough to instill panic, I don’t know what is.

The truth is, anything can happen with your website. It can get hacked, the server can go kaput, the database can crash, and if you don’t have a recent backup of your content, you could be out of luck. People always ask me after something like this happens: “What can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen again?” (more…)

Blogging Tools: The Power of WordPress Plugins

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

wordpress logoIn a previous post, I raved about why I love WordPress. I love it because it gives you control of your site and provides you with the tools you need to successfully promote your business online. Your website is truly your number one asset when it comes to staying in touch with your market, creating a sense of community, establishing yourself as an expert, and expanding your reach all over the globe.

And part of the power of a WordPress website comes in the form of plugins. There are plugins that allow you to: (more…)

Three Cool & Useful WordPress Plug-ins

Monday, March 21st, 2011
  • WP-DB-Backup: This plug-in is a must have for all WordPress users! It gives you the ability to backup your database content (meaning your blog posts and page content). You can automate this backup to occur as frequently as you think is necessary. We typically recommend setting it to backup weekly. You can also choose to download this file to your computer.

FYI: This does not backup your images or your theme, for this reason, it’s a good idea to have a full site backup, which does include your theme, images and all other content that gets stored on your server (we recommend that you backup your physical site at least monthly, unless you have not made any changes in that time period), this is done from your C-Panel or through an FTP client.

  • Revision Control: This little plug-in allows you to control how many revisions get stored to your database. I for one tend to noodle with a post over and over until I finally feel it’s ready to go live and then I still end up making edits—this means that I can often have up to 20 different versions of one post. This is cool because you can revert to an older version at any time. But what is not cool is that all these versions take up valuable space and can slow down your site’s load time. Revision Control allows you to set the number of stored revisions for both posts and pages, so for example: you could set it to save only the last 5 post versions, and 10 page versions.
  • WP Super Cache: Speaking of load time. This plug-in can help speed up your site’s load time. It basically caches your site’s content and then pulls up each page as html so your server doesn’t have to work so hard to load php code and images every time someone views a page in your site.

FYI: If you are making changes to your site and yet you keep seeing the old version. Don’t panic—it could be that your page has been cached and is pulling up the old data. To make sure those changes were really made, you might need to clear the cache. You can access Super Cache from your Dashboard, under Settings, from there, click “Delete Cache,” about half way down the page.