Write, Publish, and Launch Your Business with Helen Chang
The number one question I get from authors is: “How do I market my book?”  There is no easy answer. Every book is different. Your goals, your skills, your connections, and so many other things will affect the success of your campaign, not to mention the direction of your campaign.  But knowing where to start is certainly the crux. Education is the number one thing smart authors can do to ensure a successful book launch! 

I know a good place where you can start, and it’s free too! My colleague and friend Helen Chang is hosting a three-day video series with some of the most talented marketing experts in publishing.  

Click here to check out the speaker lineup and sign up, it’s free! 


Jeniffer Thompson administrator

Jeniffer Thompson is a publishing consultant and author branding expert. She is the Founder and Principal at Monkey C Media, a leading book services firm specializing in book design, author websites, and Internet marketing strategy. Jeniffer has more than 20 years experience in publishing and would love to help you navigate your publishing journey.