Facebook EdgeRank: How to Reach More Fans on Facebook
If you have a Facebook fan page, and if you’ve spent time looking at your Facebook Insights metrics, you’ve likely wondered why 1) the numbers of people that see a particular post change from post to post and 2) why only a fraction of your total fans sees any given post. The answer? Because of the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm. When you send out an email newsletter, you can’t expect 100% of your subscription list to open that email. The same is true for Facebook. So, that means if you’re posting on Facebook to market your fan page, it’s a good idea to gain a better understanding of the Facebook algorithm, so you can work toward maximizing the number of eyeballs that sees a given post. First, a brief overview of Facebook EdgeRank from Facebook itself:
The Edgerank algorithm is used by Facebook to rank posts on a user’s ‘top news’ feed to determine which posts should be shown on top of the ‘top news’ feed and which posts should not be shown on the ‘top news’ feed. When a user logs in to Facebook, there are normally many more posts destined to a user than that can fit on a user’s ‘top news’. Therefore, Facebook uses the Edgerank algorithm to determine which posts should go on top of the ‘top news’. It is absolutely key for a digital marketer to understand how the Edgerank algorithm works. The reason is that if you can write posts that raises your posts’ ranking based on the Edgerank algorithm, your posts will have a higher probability of being shown.
But, what factors make up the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm? And, what can you do to optimize your Facebook efforts? I found this great infographic on the now-defunct Post Rocket that I wanted to share with you, since we all love learning from pictures, right?

facebook edgerank infographic

In a nutshell, it’s all about creating engaging posts that encourages interaction from your fans (likes, comments, shares). The more people that engage, the more exposure that post (and future posts) will get. If you focus on quality and engagement, you should see your post reach (and your number of fans) increase over time. Good luck!