Google Alerts: Stay Informed and Manage Your Time
google alertsGoogle offers many support tools for authors.  One of my favorites is Google Alerts.  This is the clipping service of the Internet.  I’m interested in Internet Marketing for Authors, so I ask Google to notify me anytime these words appear online. I recommend that you setup a few Google Alerts for things you are interested in (five to ten).  This will help you stay on top of new trends, research your topic, and also tell you what your competition is doing.  Remember, it’s okay to share your findings with your readers. In fact, they will appreciate it if you do all the research and become their number one resource for valuable content (think Huffington Post).  While your at it, setup an alert for your name—you want to know what others are saying about you. Word of caution: Too many alerts will clog up your inbox and drive you crazy.  Also, be specific.  For example, I placed the alert for my name in quotes: “Jeniffer Thompson.”  This ensures that I am notified when my complete name (spelled correctly) appears somewhere online.  Otherwise I would get a notice for every Jennifer, Jeniffer, Jenniffer and or any other similar variation online (of which there are thousands). When it comes to Internet Marketing, you need to be mindful of how you spend your time lest you reach critical burn out and move to a cabin somewhere in the backwoods of Wyoming (that sounds pretty good).
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