Is Even Targeted Facebook Advertising Fraudulent?
I recently blogged about why Facebook post reach is declining for fan pages, and embedded an excellent video in the post by Veritasium’s Derek Muller called “The Problem with Facebook.” Well, Derek Muller is at it again. Last week, he posted a new video called “Facebook Fraud,” which points out why, in his fairly well researched opinion, we should all stop advertising on Facebook to garner more “likes” for our fan pages. Even if you’re really targeting your ads directly to your audience, his case study shows that most accounts are still being “liked” by essentially fake users from click farms. And, these fake users, as you would guess, are not quality, engaged users. At Monkey C Media, we’ve used highly targeted Facebook advertising for several of our clients’ Facebook fan pages — to increase “likes” and engagement — and while we’ve had some success doing this, Derek Muller’s case study is still quite interesting. If you’ve experienced a flood of new “likes” from Facebook advertising, yet aren’t seeing any engagement on your page from your new fans, this could be why. Or, it could be, as I blogged about earlier, because of Facebook’s decision to restrict the reach of fan page posts, in order to encourage fan page owners to pay for their posts to surface to more of their fan base. Considering over a billion users visit Facebook each month, it’s no wonder marketers are trying to figure out how to best use the platform (and even their advertising tools) to reach their audience. But, it seems there’s currently quite a bit of confusion on how best to do it, if at all. What do you think? Do you think even targeted Facebook advertising results in fraudulent fluff? What has your experience with Facebook advertising been like? Are you seeing authentic user engagement from these new fans?

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  1. Osei

    I think they are fraudulent because recently i invested some money and did some targeted advertising and i was happy to see my likes reach like 12k but the user engagement never crossed 100 without paying again also it was basically just likes on post where made and a few shares :/ and after seeing my money go to waste i’m slowly turning away from facebook.


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