You Tube Trends

Now you too can track what videos are spreading like wildfire with You Tube Trends. Use this information wisely.

2 Responses to “You Tube Trends”

  1. Hi Great seeing you. Added videos into the web using the idea of having a dozen FAG’s with someone being the host and I the guest. Got slopped into the web and in the wrong place, and I am going to tear it out and re-d0.

    Happy holidays!

    Charlie M

  2. Hi Jennifer

    Good feeling seeing you active. I am redoing our site. Using the FAGS and playing Host & Guest @ midnight was a waste of time, and it is too heavy, and slopped the text, scrambles everything. Will re-do the site. Books gone international, and new book on ridding diabetes in children is hitting the scene with a bang.

    The best for you.

    Charlie M