Power Widgets to Amp up Your Website and Blog
Presented at ASJA 2011, by Jeniffer Thompson

Welcome ASJA members and conference attendees. Below you will find the list of widgets and plug-ins that I discussed in my session.  Please fee free to email me with any questions or comments or if you would like to share your own widgets, I would love to hear from you. It was pleasure meeting you all today.

Didn’t get a handout? You can download it here: Power_Widgets_Handout

1. Widgetbox

2. Yahoo! widgets

3. Widgipedia

4. DB backup plug-in: backup your WordPress database content (does not include themes or images)

5. Google FeedBurner: this Google tool allows you to easily add a subscriber feature to your blog or website. Users can subscribe via email, so every time you post something new, your subscribers will be notified with an email and a link back to your site.

The cool thing about this is that if you ever switch your content feed (like say you build a new website, or switch your blogging platform), you simply need to update your feed in Google FeedBurner. Also, you can track your subscribers and download a list of emails if you want to send them a special email. You can set this up for both content and comments.

6. Subscribe to Comments: I like this widget because it encourages people to be part of the conversation. Not all of your users will subscribe to every comment posted to your blog, but if they are interested in tracking a topic that they are participating in they can. As a user, this is a feature I appreciate very much.

7. Newsletters:


Mail Chimp

Constant Contact

8. Sexy Bookmarks

9. Share This

10. Social Slider

11. Share & Follow

12. Sketch Bookmarks

13. Add this

14. Gravatar

15. TwitterFeed

16. Facebook social plug-ins

17. Bit.ly

18. Tiny.url

19. Twitter widgets

20. YouTube Widget

21. Cover it Live

22. Poll widget

23. This or That widget

24. Countdown widget

25. Calendar sharing in Google: log-in to your Google calendar and click on the Calendar you want to share (you may have several); click Calendar settings from the drop down – this will bring you to a page where you can copy the code (embed this calendar).

26. WordPress Calendar plug-in

27. Google tools: login to your Google account. Click My Account in the upper right corner, this will give you a list if Webmaster and other tools to create. IF all else fails, simply do a Google search for the following (be sure to login to your Google account first).

• Google xml sitemap (also available in the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin)

• Google Analytics

• Submit your site