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My name is Jeniffer Thompson and I am an author, speaker, and Internet Marketing strategist. I’m not a guru—I don’t have some miracle answer to guarantee your online success. What I do offer is a common sense approach to Internet Marketing. I concentrate on the nuts and bolts of how you can establish a professional online presence and will teach you simple steps anyone can follow:

  • develop your brand and fine-tune your message,
  • build a professional website and implement a strategic marketing funnel,
  • write engaging content that draws in your audience,
  • drive traffic and convert that traffic into revenue.

You can start reading my blog now, hear me speak at a conference near you, call me (619-955-8286), or email me questions. I offer free 15-minute consultations, as well as complete website analysis, consulting, and coaching services.

Plus, my team at Monkey C Media specializes in author services. We’ll implement anything you don’t have the time or the energy to tackle yourself: basic to advanced websites, custom Wordress websites, book cover and interior design, logo design, business cards and more—if you need it, we’ll create it.  We will deliver on time—above and beyond your expectations.

Blogging Tips: Benefits of Using the Read More Tag

07/16/2014   |   No Comments »

Have you ever wondered how and why some bloggers use a Read More tag that readers have to click in order to read the entire blog post? Here are some answers.

First, to add a Read More tag in one of your WordPress blog posts, simply place your cursor at the place in the text where you’d like to include your break. Then, in your WordPress Editing Toolbar, click the button that looks like this: Read the rest of this entry »

Author Marketing: How to Find the Best Web Designer

07/09/2014   |   No Comments »

Circling the drain of unresponsive or missing in action web designers is a common dilemma.

The Question is this: As a self-respecting author with a plan and a purpose, how do you choose a designer you can afford and rely upon?

As a small publisher, or self-published author, you are faced with the high cost of publishing a book. Your ever-growing budget includes editors, book cover and interior design, maybe a book coach or adviser, printing costs, fulfillment needs, marketing … my goodness, where does it end? When does the author start making money? Well, this is a question for another article altogether. The point here is: How much should you allocate to the added expense of Read the rest of this entry »